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Sports Premium

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Nunthorpe Primary Academy is dedicated to ensuring participation in sport and provides opportunities for pupils to progress their skills in all areas of the curriculum. Sport is considered a central part of the schools ethos and this is demonstrated through the extra-curricular achievements of the pupils at local, national and international levels. All the children in Key stage 2 are given the opportunity to attend a residential to develop sport and social skills.

Partnership working
The school engages with numerous organisations that support the provision of school sport and reaches out to local clubs to enable access to quality coaches, which the school then contracts in. Nunthorpe Primary Academy has invested in the local School Sports Partnership, organising and participating in various inter-school competitions and events, leading to pupils representing the school and participating in county events. The partnership enables the school to attend cluster and county events through the use of their minibus. The school hosts football and cricket fixtures as well as a yearly cross country event that draws in large numbers of other local schools across three local authorities. The school has forged close links with the local Secondary Academy to facilitate the sharing of good practise.

The ethos of the school is one where sport is valued and the staff are fully engaged in providing sporting opportunities. Staff are aware that sport and achievement go hand in hand, often attending CPD opportunities and are given the opportunity to observe quality provision delivered by coaches to further their skills. The school’s Physical Education Leader attends termly cluster meetings with local schools to organise inter and intra school events. They are also qualified in the coaching of Netball to support the development of sport within school as well as bringing on further sporting skills. The school also employs a Yoga Teacher which has enhanced the PE curriculum throughout school. This breadth of expertise within the school supports participation and competition within the School Sports Partnership. 

The School invests money in ensuring it has the means to guarantee effective maintenance of its playing fields and pitches by spending on ground keeping services. High quality PE equipment is integral to delivering high quality provision and the school ensures investment in equipment, providing new and innovative games. The school has invested money in outside organisations and external coaches to deliver high quality provision each week for every year group. Children who are registered as FSM receive funding to attend the residential visits.

The school offers a range of clubs to pupils to engage a range of abilities and skills such as Netball, running and multi-skills. In inter-school competition the school uses B teams to ensure that competitive sport opportunities are available to a wider range of pupils. The school takes part in numerous tournaments with local schools within the cluster and all children compete in the annual Sports Day. All children receive recognition for their participation and success in the weekly achievement assemblies as well as the achievements made by pupils in external clubs.

Sports Premium Expenditure

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Sports Premium Report 2021-22

Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming

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