We thank parents for your co-operation in keeping our school safe.
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Covid measures December 21 update

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Covid-19 Measures December 2021:

Summary measures to tackle Covid-19 transmission in our School.
We will continue to inform pupils, parents and staff of our risk mitigation measures in a way that is clear and easily accessible.
We recognise our school can play a role in helping to keep the wider community safe through all the work you are doing around testing, promoting vaccination and infection control.
Our priority will be to ensure the safety of pupils and staff, and ensuring children can receive face-to face education.

We will continue to review our Covid-19 risk assessment, key elements of which include:

  1. Reducing infection brought into the school setting by more rigorous identification and testing of contacts and more frequent testing.
    Close Contacts / Household
    For primary aged pupils and staff members we recommend that household contacts are asked to take a PCR test and isolate until the result is known, if the result is negative and the young person has no signs of symptoms they can return to education.
    Primary School Contact
    We recommend that anyone identified as a close contact of a school case undertakes a PCR test, if pupils have no signs of symptoms they can attend school while awaiting results.
  2. Recommend the use of face coverings by staff in communal areas, and the use of face coverings by adults in school in all areas, including on dedicated school transport and public transport. In an outbreak situation it may be advised that the wearing of face coverings is extended to staff in the classroom.
  3. Ensure windows are open in the classroom to facilitate good ventilation, as much as is practicable and particularly in areas that have been shown to have poor air quality (if your school has access to CO2 monitors).
  4. Reduce mixing between year groups and classes as much as possible to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, including wherever possible, suspending wholeschool or year group events, for example assemblies and staggering breaks and lunchtimes. A bubble system may be introduced, when required.
    Review classroom layout where possible to minimise configurations where students are facing each other in favour of rows of desks to face the front. Consider the reintroduction of staff teaching boxes where possible.
  5. Reduce transmission between staff wherever possible, maintaining social distancing in staff rooms and when meeting other staff, and shifting staff meetings online where distancing and ventilation cannot be maintained.
  6. Continue to promote the benefits of both Flu and Covid vaccination to staff and eligible pupils not yet fully vaccinated and boosters as staff become eligible.
  7. Limit visitors to the school and consider carefully whether events that bring parents into the school can be managed safely or should return to online. If this is not possible, encourage visitors and parents/carers to take a lateral flow test before attending.
  8. Carefully consider whether educational trips and residential visits should go ahead. This is especially important because being on transport together for long periods, and/or sharing overnight accommodation, increases the chance of
    transmitting Covid-19. Any visits out of school that are deemed essential should be to Covid-secure premises only.
  9. Enhanced cleaning will be maintained – with attention in particular to high touch point areas
  10. Continue to report school cases through to the covid schools support team;
    The covid schools support team will continue to monitor cases on a daily basis and provide support to our school when required. The team will provide advice and recommendations which are based on the above measures but at times may differ due context dependant on individual school rates and current situations.

We appreciate that this will add to staff workload at an already busy time, but we strongly believe it is important to act now to prevent any further increase in cases, further school absences and harm in the wider community.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely.
We will review our risk assessment if the situation improves and inform you as soon as there are any changes.

Carl Faulkner
Executive Head teacher

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