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At Nunthorpe Primary we teach Literacy and many other subjects through a variety of exciting themes, shown on our Theme matrix.  The themes stem from the Science, History & Geography National Curriculum.  Most themes involve a visit, visitor or experience to stimulate and engage children and provide exciting opportunities to learn and particularly to write.


We teach the Ruth Miskins Phonics Programme; Read, Write, Inc. throughout school.


As children begin to read they are introduced to the Book Band system which enables children to read from age related material with the correct level of difficulty.  As they become more confident in reading, usually sometime during Year One, children are introduced to our online reading system; Accelerated Reader.  Children then read books at their level of comprehension and take online quizzes to ensure understanding.


We teach maths through the Abacus Maths scheme.  This is tailored to fit our school and most classes use the material from the year group above their own in order to challenge and extend.  Although Abacus contains investigational material we also use Apex Maths to support investigational teaching and learning.


Science is taught by a specialist teacher in Years 2 to 6.  This enables science to be given a high priority in the curriculum and allows time for practical investigation.  Numeracy and Literacy skills are enhanced through science teaching.


The school has a full calendar of events and activities related to SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural) aspects of learning. Click here to see the SMSC Calendar 2017/18. 

Wider Curriculum

Click the year group below to see more detail on which parts of the curriculum are taught to each class:

Year Group Download
EYFS EYFS Long Term Plan
EYFS EYFS Medium Term Plan 1
EYFS EYFS Medium Term Plan 2
Year 1 Year 1 Long Term Plan
Year 1 Year 1 Medium Term Plan
Year 2 Year 2 Long Term Plan
Year 2 Year 2 Medium Term Plan
Year 3 Year 3 Long Term Plan
Year 4 Year 4 Long Term Plan
Year 4 Year 4 Medium Term Plan
Year 5 Year 5 Long Term Plan
Year 5 Year 5 Medium Term Plan
Year 6 Year 6 Long Term Plan
Year 6 Year 6 Medium Term Plan

Further Information

To find out more about the curriculum Click here.

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